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How do I find the best loan rate?

Loan comparison advice

There are many different ways to compare loans based on amount loaned, period loaned for, securities, etc. The best calculators we have found on the net are given below:-

uSwitch has a nice basic graphical comparison.

Loan Genie simple to use and straightforward comparison calculator.

Best UK Loans another good straightforward comparison site.

Quick Help

Loan advice

  • Are you trying to cut the cost of an existing loan?
    Be sure to check that there isn't an early getout clause on your existing loan or any penalties for early termination.

  • Are you wanting to borrow small amount (under 1,000) for a short period?
    It might be worth looking for a credit card that offers a limited 0% interest term, just be sure to pay it off before the term ends!

  • Are you borrowing the money to consolidate existing debt - e.g. credit card debt?
    Examine your credit card terms, many offer 0% balance transfers which if you are savvy and don't rack up new debt can mean you can have a 0% loan through moving around your debt to each card. Just do not fall into the trap of using the new balance space for more purchases!